All Greek publishing in one comprehensive bibliographic database

BIBLIONET ( is a bibliographic database which provides immediate notification of new book publications in Greece and operates under the direction of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture. As part of its co-operation with the HFC from December 2017, EKT has undertaken to host, technically support and make available the services of its state-of-the-art Data Centre and cloud computing infrastructure. 

By taking responsibility for the technical management of BIBLIONET, and its operational environment, it is expected that problems arising at times from a previously unsustainable model of operation and support will be minimised. 

The database has been in existence since 1998 and today it has over 200,000 titles which have been published in Greece. BIBLIONET includes full bibliographic details (such as title, author, publisher, physical description, summary, ISBN, taxonomy code etc), commercial information (such as price and availability), cover photograph and biographical notes, author’s photograph and list of work. The database aids the online search of more than 60 bookshops in Greece.

Since March 2015, BIBLIONET has been available through ARGO, making it the most used of all the country’s libraries. To achieve this, EKT follows library science standards (UNIMARC) to implement an innovative, dynamic and continuous conversion of bibliographic catalogues in BIBLIONET. In addition, EKT recently launched a pilot expanding the use of book covers stored in the BIBLIONET database via the openABEKT service. This service ensures that library catalogues become even more attractive to and useful for the public, while publishing production of the country is promoted.

Why use the service?

The country’s library community now has at its disposal a valuable tool with rich and reliable content, which enables the systematic and economical use of resources and time when cataloguing.