PhD Theses

The National Documentation Centre of Greece (EKT) is the organisation responsible, by law, for the collection, development and maintenance of the National Archive of PhD Theses.
An invaluable resource, the National Archive of PhD Theses can be  found in a single repository,,  where visitors can search, browse and get the full text of the Theses.

The existence of a single, valid, and reliable archive of all the Greek PhD Theses, enhances and promotes the research results of the Greek Higher Education Institutions, worldwide. Through the repository, content becomes more accessible (24/7 remote access). Electronic theses are accessed much more than their paper counterparts since they can be accessed via the internet and are indexed by search engines. Making a thesis publicly available, advances scholarly communication and has a great chance of citation and use. Every item in the repository is assigned a persistent URL which will stay permanently live.

All users are enabled to perform basic or advance searches of the metadata of the collection of the 38.164 PhD Theses. The site also encourages browsing by HEIs, authors, award year, language and discipline.

The full-text of over 38.000 theses is available for browsing and printing one-page-at-a-time. The PDF is made available for download only to registered users that have accepted the relevantt terms and conditions.

For the PhD Theses that are not available in full text from EADD and under the prerequisite that the access to the dissertation is not restricted (embargoed) by the author, only registered users of EADD may:

  • Order a copy of the thesis in print format or as a file on CD / DVD. In this case the thesis will be scanned and delivered to the user (this service includes cost).

  • Express interest for a dissertation. In this case EKT’s staff will give priority to obtain the digital format of the thesis in order to be uploaded. The time it takes depends on the workload of staff and uses a  'best efforts' policy