Data Services

Increase the added value of your data and metadata by using EKT’s optimisation of content service

EKT provides complementary services to improve digital content or offer added value in order to ensure the compliance of metadata with each platform and the requirements of international bodies such as Europeana.
Thus, on the one hand, the compliance with international specifications is achieved and, on the other, the quality of content is enriched and upgraded. Content migration, the platform for the development of vocabularies and certification of standards are complementary services which are provided for organisations receiving other EKT services or using EKT content.

Validation of compliance with specifications

Verification and validation of content and interoperability is a service provided by the online Validator platform. It performs mass automated controls and provides detailed reports attesting to the completeness and quality of the metadata, the digital files and the distribution services of the content providers.

Creation and standardisation of vocabularies is a pilot  platform for the establishment of Vocabularies and Semantic Interface Content. It supports the creation, establishment, linking and publishing of vocabularies and the meaningful interconnection of content by adding references to vocabulary terms.

Content Migration

Data Migration is a process whereby content is smoothly transferred from one system to another. EKT Migration is provided for organisations which have received repository or openABEKT services, and enables the smooth transfer of already documented content to the repository infrastructure or the openABEKT platform.