Digital content solutions

A set of targeted and customised services to ensure the increased findability, dynamic digital display, safe preservation of content and promotion of your organisation. Depending on your needs, you can create your own repository, streamline the functions of your library or include your publications in an electronic environment.

5 unique services

The international trend is for research and cultural organisations to make their content available through standardised infrastructures. National organisations aggregate it, making it possible to search and access a large volume of content on a national level, while ensuring the long term preservation of the digital files aggregated.  

An integrated ecosystem for management and promotion of digital content

EKT has developed 5 unique services for the digital promotion and preservation of content. Using cutting-edge technology Software as a Service and Cloud Computing, it has developed two advanced digital Deposit Services: Management and Distribution of Open Data & Digital Content and openABEKT & EKT Repository. In addition, it has developed an ePublishing service, which is a web environment for scientific publishing of the highest quality and technical standards designed to enhance academic communication and the dissemination of knowledge. Lastly, Preservator is a service that ensures the long-term preservation of digital content, and makes it possible to host third parties at EKT’s cutting edge Data Centre


Hosting systems

This is a hosting system at EKT’s Data Centre. The fundamental service of the Data Centre is the horizontal support of online applications which EKT develops and distributes such as digital repositories, electronic publications, registers and catalogues, statistics and indicators as well as ABEKT software and openABEKT.

Preservation Service

EKT’s Data Protection Service (Preservator) maintains backup files and preserves digital resources. It is a complementary service which is available to users of openABEKT and EKT Repositories. The safe preservation of content is achieved through the EKT cloud and Disaster Recovery.


The service is for publishers wishing to transfer their content to an electronic environment or create a new electronic publication. It is an EKT initiative for the enhancement of academic communication and the dissemination of scientific content.


A service designed to make the work of librarians easier. A new integrated cloud service for the management of catalogues and library functions, using cutting-edge technology, developed following the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and available online through EKT’s cloud infrastructure.

Repository services

EKT’s Repository Service is intended for a wide range of organisations providing ready-made repository infrastructure for the immediate, easy organisation, documentation and showcasing of their content using international standards and advanced ITC.