Repository services

Display your content on a state-of-the-art platform for organising, documenting and showcasing digital content.



EKT’s Repository Service is intended for a wide range of organisations providing ready-made repository infrastructure for the immediate, easy organisation, documentation and showcasing of their content using international standards and advanced ITC. The repository manages multiple content types and offers enhanced functions in terms of content and user experience. Thus, not only is the content reused but the validity and impact of the organisation is strengthened, while costs for technological infrastructure and technical support are reduced. The service has been developed in 4 stages: design, implementation, dissemination, support.




Repository design

EKT’s innovative online Repositories Wizard allows an institution to determine the graphic and communication features of the repository (title, logo, text information, range of user interface colours). It shapes the organisation and documentation of content and selects functions and services (method of navigation, search and content presentation, membership registration, added services for groups of users). As an automated repository, it comes ready for the input of content and further use.


Content deposit and documentation

Content is organised into collections, sub-collections and groups, and is structured in such a way as to meet the needs of institutions and the user community. Deposit and documentation are performed online, with standardised documentation forms per material type. Forms are available for any type of material that can be collected by an institution: texts, dimensional graphics, cartographic material, recordings, musical scores, promotional material and video recordings, three-dimensional objects and works of art and datasets. All forms comply with international standards and good practices, have upgraded features, incorporate standard vocabularies, support multilingual metadata, manage user licences and intellectual property rights and provide assistance with completing comprehensive documentation instructions for each field.


Technical features

Content is openly available using protocols for interoperability (OAI-PMH), is accessible through permanent determinants and can be incorporated into aggregators such as,, Europeana, etc. It is searchable using international search engines, such as Google and accessible from any electronic device with access to internet.

A cutting-edge content discovery experience

Organisations select the method of exploration and discovery of content through the Wizard, which uses browsing methods such as visualised browsing content types, compilation titles with controlled vocabularies such as subject, key words, user licences, vocabularies for educational and musical content etc. Linked search criteria is offered as well as flexible display results with multiple possibilities such as search of documents that only have a digital file etc

Management of content is performed by the organistion itself using a variety of functions offered such as creation and management of collections, editing of submissions, mass transferral of files, data input and output, management of user and access rights, hiding digital files of user groups etc.

Value-added services

A suite of value-added services is available. Using the wizard, organisations can select from: sharing on social networks, citations, usage statistics, recommendations, requests for copies or digitisation, content type signaling and digital file availability. Use of these services strengthens dissemination, recovery and reuse of content.

The service offers advanced online support and training- eHelpDesk, eknowledgeBase and eLearning- with step-by-step guidance.





Why use the service?

Repositories provide openness and visibility allowing your content to be exploited and your organisation and its work to be highlighted. Amongst the competitive advantages of the services are:

• Terms and standards for the deposit of all types of digital material
• Design and configuration of repository according to the needs arising from your content, your organisation’s requirements and user community 
• Safe preservation of your digital content and backup copies in EKT’s cloud infrastructure
• Full control of content access management and use, and intellectual property rights licensing
• Supported documentation of content and data of public bodies, in compliance with international regulations and standards
• Dynamic allocation of content for user communities, visitors and the general public
• Multi-channel availability of interoperable content in national and international  aggregators     and search engines, (OAI-PMH, openSearch, etc)
• Constant support through services such as ehelpDesk and eKnowledgeBase, as well as an eLearning  service for online training in use and functions and repository services using texts, sound and images.
• Disposal and reuse of content which has not yet been exploited due to lack of the necessary information systems
• Support for e-science policy, virtual research communities (VRC), training using quality digital content as reference material
• Showcasing of your digital content to increase impact and long-term visibility in Greece and abroad
• Significant reduction in cost of technological infrastructure and technical support for preservation and availability of content

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