The service is for publishers wishing to transfer their content to an electronic environment or create a new electronic publication. It is an EKT initiative for the enhancement of academic communication and the dissemination of scientific content. 

The service is provided using a web environment for scientific publications with technical standards of the highest quality.




eJournals is an integrated management infrastructure for open access electronic journals, aimed at meeting the needs of the country’s scientific community and the international promotion of academic publishing and Greek journals, mainly in Social Sciences and Humanities.


eBooks is a new EKT service for the country’s research and academic communities. It enables the publishing of electronic monographs of high scientific and technical quality using open access. 


eProceedings is an innovative service for the electronic publishing of conference proceedings, and availability of authoritative open access content, highlighting the activities of scientific bodies and the work of Greek researchers.

 Why use the service?

ePublishing offers publishers a number of benefits:

• Transferral of scientific publications to an online environment
• Hosting of content on EKT servers
• Support for organisation and management issues of electronic publications
• Training in the use of software
• Helpdesk
• Specialised digitisation and digital processing of documents
• Hosting and maintenance of your content
• Indexing of your publications and digitised documents
• Statistics and data usage reports
• Publicity and visibility of hosted publications