Hosting systems

An up-to-date, well-equipped Data Centre

The Data Centre is a long-term investment supporting EKT’s aims to provide up-to-date, innovative, efficient and quality services. This development has been achieved through successive multiple stages funded, for the most part, by developmental projects it has carried out.  It constitutes a major national investment in infrastructure and human resources which provides high quality services with superior availability and highly scalable architecture.

The main service is horizontal support for the online applications EKT develops, including digital repositories, e-publications, registers and indexes, statistics and indicators and ABEKT software and openABEKT. It also provides hosting and support for third parties, hosting either services for users or hardware, providing additional features (network, environmental conditions, stable and uninterrupted power supply, enhanced physical and logic security etc.) which add value, safeguard the equipment and guarantee an increased level of availability and quality of service provision for the end user. 

Why use the service?

Through the elimination of data centre infrastructure investment costs, economy of scale for public organisations is achieved, as well as the increase in the sustainability of EKT’s infrastructure and participating organisations, resulting from shared operating costs.The Data Centre offers a number of critical support services. The most important of these are :

(a) reliable network services using state-of-the-art equipment with high speed multipaths (10Gbps fiber/copper),
(b) advanced services network security logic using firewalls, encryption architecture, etc.
(c) backup with magnetic media with high capacity using robotic libraries,
(d) detailed historical record of energy consumption and cost of equipment subsections and
(e) 24/7 monitoring and historical documenting of the functioning of the services, equipment and environmental conditions with automatic technical resets for proper functioning and/or alerts.

Note that currently the system’s hosting service at the EKT Data Centre is available only to organisations who have already received some of EKT’s services.


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