Creation and standardisation of vocabularies

Creation and standardisation of vocabularies is a new generation platform for the establishment of Vocabularies and Semantic Interface Content. Organisations register, establish and link vocabularies or use them for the meaningful interconnection of their content. 

It provides a public online portal ( which disseminates content as Linked Open Data. It supports vocabularies, thesauri, taxonomy and names for concepts, time periods, locations, people and organisations. It has a user-friendly configuration tool for shaping vocabularies and a semantics enrichment tool which can be used by aggregators and repositories to enrich and homogenise metadata. enables EKT and its partner institutions to establish their own vocabularies and thesauri of semantic terms. By making their own user accounts available, registered institutions acquire their own space to create, manage, link and share vocabularies and thesauri. 



To date, the platform hosts 7 published vocabularies with a total of over 8,000 terms and the enrichment tool has been successfully used for semantic linking of over 150,000 documents aggregated by paving the way for improving the quality of search and navigation functions of the portal. 
Note that semantic enrichment via the platform has so far been used by EKT only for the enrichment of its aggregated content.