Content Migration

Adjusting, modifying and enriching your metadata

Content Migration is a procedure for the smooth transfer of content from one system to another. It includes analysis, automated error detection, data validation and optional mass corrections and enrichment, all of which ensure the compliance of metadata with the platform’s format.  Institutions using the repository and openABEKT services of EKT also receive its migration service which enables the smooth transfer of their already documented content to the repository infrastructure or the openABEKT platform.

Content Migration-openABEKT

Content Migration provides for the transfer of existing library data to the openABEKT platform. There are two tiers to the service:

Enhanced Migration: is for bibliographic and authority data with or without digital files from ISO2709 UNIMARC or MARC21. Data quantity and quality are examined and patterns and problems analysed. Data is then mapped to the latest edition of UNIMARC, with validations, enrichments and default corrections being made.

Custom Migration: includes all the work done in the Enhanced Migration service, plus additional data formats and more enrichments and corrections which can be suggested by EKT and/or indicated by institutions.

Content Migration-Repositories

The Content Migration service covers the smooth transfer of the existing data of partner institutions (metadata and digital from any files), from any tabulated or structured form to the repository infrastructure. The service includes: examination of the material, suggestions for improvement, data editing and homogenisation, mass corrections and enrichments, mapping and adjustment of content to comply with the standardised vocabularies of EKT’s metadata repositories, quality control and the final incorporation of data into the repository.

At the same time, as part of the expansion of EKT’s infrastructure, migration of content to upgraded platforms is performed, a case in point being the National Greek PhD Archive which has incorporated about 23,000 documents from the old system into the upgraded one.

To date, the following institutions have received EKT’s Content Migration service:

• Acropolis Restoration Service Library

• Historical Archive of the Aegean ‘Ergani’

• Konstantinos Simitis Foundation

• Sotiris Kaksis Archive

• National Council for Radio and Television Repository (NCRTV)

• National Hellenic Research Foundation

• Centre of Planning and Research

• Monastery of Saint John the Theologian Patmos

The Content Migration service has transferred approximately 126,000 documents to EKT’s repositories infrastructure. Transferral of the data was performed using different databases and data management systems such as Scopus, Web of Science, MS Access, ABEKT etc, as well as xml, excel etc files. Every transferral is subject to data editing and enrichment.