About us

‘Dissemination of existing and new knowledge with minimal restrictions, for its reuse in research, education, development, innovation, society’

The National Documentation Centre (EKT), located at the National Hellenic Research Foundation, is a nationally used scientific facility. Its mission is, amongst other things, to collect, organise, make available and maintain quality digital content and data produced by the Greek scientific, research and cultural communities.

The National Information System for Research and Technology (NISRT) is a national e-infrastructure for research content and data which is developed by EKT in its institutional role, and is a hub for the collection of all Greek scientific output. The NISRT infrastructure collects a vast wealth of digital files, metadata and data for Greek scientific output in publishing, PhD theses, research results, scientific data, special collections and documents of high scientific and cultural value.

The three key pillars of EKT’s activities are: eContent/digital content and services, Metrics.indicators for research, development and innovation, Innovation/research, innovation & entrepreneurship.

eContent /digital content and services


Activities included in this pillar support the undeniable fact that the dissemination of knowledge produced on a national level further strengthens research activities, contributes to broadening educational use and effectively strengthens innovation. Thus, for the last 15 years, EKT has acted as a catalyst for the adoption of the principles of Open Science.

Through national actions and European funding it has developed a robust electronic  infrastructure, public services for organisations and users and a major network of partners within Greece and abroad which have contributed substantially to establishing open access to scientific knowledge.

Infrastructure services are offered to scientific and cultural repositories, libraries, archives and museums, publishers of scientific journals and monographs, compilation of registers, development of nationwide aggregators, access to reputable content and international promotion. 

The website is the culmination of activities in this direction targeting both users searching for scientific, technological and cultural digital content (see Discover Digital Content and scientific and cultural institutions which produce related content (see Services for Institutions).

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