The EKT Digital Library of Science Technology & Culture

EKT’s Digital Library provides access to international and Greek content and offers its users personalised scientific information services.

All users have online access to open content, open access journals and resources, as well as international bibliography ordering e-services, citation index & bibliometric indicators and full texts.
Access to all content, including subscription content, is available from the physical site of the ‘K.Th.Dimaras Library’, at the National Hellenic Research Foundation



• More than 16,000 scientific journals, both subscription-based and open access, from major publishers across all subjects
54 international and 23 Greek databases covering all key disciplines organised thematically and alphabetically
26,000 ebooks and dictionaries
National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals for 200 libraries - a unique tool for any user searching for a specific journal in a Greek library or just interested in a library’s complete journal collection
Open digital content: digital repositories, epublishing, digital libraries, research & development indicators
• Selected e-resources in all scientific fields



International Bibliography Search. Thematic searches can be made and portfolios created, using international databases, covering all major subjects and types of publications
Citation Index & Bibliographic indicators search. Citation index searches can be conducted and indicators found (eg impact factors, H-Index)
Full text orders. You can order articles, books or conference proceedings from EKT’s digital and printed collections, collections of libraries that are members of the National Network of Science & Technology Libraries and through collaboration with libraries of content providers (eg British Library, Subito)
Electronic reading room. There are19 work stations from which users have access to all the available scientific, technological and cultural content, both subscription-based and open, which is available in the digital library.
Reading Room. The reading room in the ‘K.Th. Dimaras’ library can accommodate  some 50 readers and provides a place for meetings, study and co-operation between researchers, scientists, students and schoolchildren.
Educational activities. Seminars are organised to promote the better use of available information sources both printed and digital. The seminars are intended for all members of the academic community (students, educators) as well as secondary school students.
Helpdesk. Experienced personnel provide help tailored to the needs of individual users to facilitate their search and use of the library’s content and services