‘Bibliographic data from more than 200 Greek libraries’

The  National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals of Greek scientific and technological libraries is a service developed, maintained and distributed by the National Documentation Centre (EKT), as part of its institutional remit. It presents bibliographic data for printed and electronic scientific journals available in the collections of Greek libraries, and for every journal title details of the library’s holdings are given. Today, it contains the collections of 201 libraries and 98,260 journal titles.

How to search

The catalogue enables journal and library search. A search for a journal can use the full title of the journal, words from the title, ISSN etc. while libraries can be searched using the name of the library or the town. Useful information about each library is available including address, contact details and whether it is a member of the National Network of Scientific and Technological Libraries (GRNET).

The catalogue is developed and updated using data from the journal collections of participating libraries, which regularly inform EKT of details of library collections and any changes in titles or their holdings.

Why use the service?

Your library can use the catalogue to refer users to other libraries or order online, for user accounts and copies of articles from a journal not in your collection but available from another GRNET member.

During the process of formulating or assessing a library’s journal collection, catalogue search allows the locating of frequently recurring titles and their replacement with other titles which are required but are not included in the national collection.

In addition, your library cataloguers can consult bibliographic records of journals which are already in the catalogue to make entries in your own local catalogues. In the future, member libraries will be able to transfer valid and qualitative records of GRNET in MARC format, for the use and upgrading of local catalogues using the safe Z39.50 link